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Hi we’re Terry and Nancy Carroll and our philosophy is to enjoy life.   We live the Island Lifestyle and are looking for others who share our passion of positive, living in the Now thinking wherever they may be.

We live in SW Florida and make the most of this fun vacation area! Having moved here 6 years ago from Chicago, we have a lot of family and friends Up North who follow us on FB and thought this would be a great way to let them know what we are up to.  We love to travel and take photos of the places we visit. Sharing Happy Hours, great food, dancing and planning vacations with our friends are some of our most fun things to do.  We are also very active; we play tennis, practice yoga, bike ride, and SCUBA dive. Boating is another favorite of ours and we spend a lot of our time on our boat finding new and interesting destinations to tell you about. 

Terry & Nancy

Please share with us your idea of the “Laid Back Latitude” where you live!  If you are just visiting SWFL or plan to someday make it your home, we hope you’ll come back often and visit our blog for the latest on things to do.

We also travel to other destinations and write and photograph them as well. Fill us in on some great places to go!

 Thanks and Happy Traveling!!!



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